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Healing Little Hearts

The Healing Little Hearts project is live!

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Get Connected!

Use Business Central with your favourite Commerce platform.

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What Exactly is a Web Portal?

A portal is just a website. However, its power is in how it taps into your system and presents your data in a bespoke way in a customer's browser. The advantages of this are huge!

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Something Changed

How depending on one technology isn’t always a good idea.

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Copyright or Wrong?

Most of what you know about copyright is probably wrong.

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Stay Safe

Some thoughts on how hackers are exploiting the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Keep Customers Informed

A free message popup to keep your customers informed.

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Funding is Still Available

The cash is still out there if you know where to look!

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That Syncing Feeling

One of the things that pops up on a daily basis for us is the issue of caching. Here are some answers...

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Classic Logo: Sun Microsystems

Why is this logo from the 80s still talked about? Find out why...and what an ambigram is!

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Three Steps to Successful Software Delivery

How do we go about testing a web app, portal or a plain website?

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Charging for Experience, Not Time

It takes a lot of effort to make something look effortless. A short story about how to justify your costs.

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The Eternal Case of the Full Email Box

A frequent problem - and the solutions.

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We’re Now in the GDPR Era

Some thoughts written just after the implementation of GDPR.

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Just Flagging This One Up

How not to offend the whole world.

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Don’t Click Here!

Not everybody clicks... and it's not always "here"!

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Healing Little Hearts

Healing Little Hearts