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Web Development – White Labelling is where a product is produced by one company without an identifying brand but sold by another, who brand it as their own. Historically goods were actually provided with a blank, white label which was then overprinted by the seller with their own details. The name stuck and is now used to mean all products and services which are supplied using a third party without the customer being aware.

How Does it Work?

In website terms, we work with design, IT and SEO agencies to fill gaps in their skillset or who are up against a deadline and produce websites (or parts of websites) on their behalf.

Above just doing the work, we can directly communicate with the end client on your behalf and even attend meetings as part of your team, which can cut out a lot of the “Chinese whispers” and middleman problems that often occur on projects with lots of participants. We can even set up email addresses under your name in order to make the end client unaware that you are using outside help.

More than just sub-contracting, we offer a fully managed, discreet service which maintains your relationship with your client whilst allowing you to offer extra services normally outside your scope.

But Won’t You Just Steal Our Clients?

Nope! Why would we? On a white label project we have not had to market ourselves to the client, make a pitch or attend any preliminary meetings. We don’t have to manage the project or the client relationship and we don’t have to bill them and chase them! Sometimes we don’t even have to go through the whole design, proofing and approval process. From our point of view, having a stream of ready-made projects handed to us on a plate far outweighs the temptation of trying to poach clients!

The only cost to us is not being able to put our name to some great work, but, as we do direct client work as well, we’re really not too bothered about filling our portfolio. The majority of our white label projects come from SEO or PR agencies, whose work we are not at all interested in doing ourselves anyway, so there is no danger.

Who Do You Do White Label Work For?

Well, we can’t tell you! As we said, discretion is part of the deal.

Please get in touch if you want to know more about white label work…

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