Coverworld manufacture and deliver metal cladding and panelling for contractors and smaller builders in a wide range of sectors. They came to us because their website was over ten years old, had outdated information, looked terrible and was impossible for Coverworld to update themselves. They had recently rebranded but were unable to carry the branding across the website, making it look even more out-of-place.

They were answering the same queries about product spec. all day and posting out printed datasheets which were constantly needing to be updated. They needed to show:

  • All of their products and the variants of each, categorised by type and use so customers could easily find what they needed.
  • All products’ technical specifications and information about colours and finishing options.
  • Have a repository for detailed technical documents needed for building regulations to refer enquiries to.
  • The type of company they have become, a bit about their history and a live news section.

The Answer

We proposed a customised WordPress site which, whilst allowing the expected page and news updates had extra capabilities added:

  • Photo galleries for pages.
  • Product database with each product having a dimensioned drawing and 3D visual along with an overview, custom data tables and a colour / finish indicator.
  • Downloads library with files linked to products.
  • Testimonial area where Coverworld can add quotes from customers.
  • Portfolio which shows Coverworld products at work in the real world rather than just in the factory or as illustrations.

The Result

Coverworld have their entire product range on the website and it has become an invaluable repository for all of their product data. Their own staff use it as well as their customers.

The site is kept up-to-date with regular refreshes of the product line. The staff find it simple to add or amend products in the CMS as a lot of the process can be done quickly by ticking boxes or picking menu items rather than typing data in.

The site is a valuable resource as it not only shows Coverworld’s own product range and specifications but has up-to-date information on the latest building regulations, safety legislation and maintenance requirements when using cladding and roofing products.

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